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Grounded Faith for Practical People

The Simple Visual Guide to Confident Faith

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About Grounded Faith for Practical People

90% of people in America believe that there is a God or at least a “higher power,” yet only a little over a quarter of people say they believe God is in control of their life all the time. In other words, almost everyone knows there’s something or someone out there, and some of us even call Him God, but very few people actually trust and live confidently connected to the one true loving God. That’s a serious problem, and it’s exactly why most of us experience a chaotic internal existence with little to no genuine peace. 

I grew up in church, but I never knew what I truly believed and why, so I spent roughly 15 years doubting God’s existence. But when my wife and I had our first child, one thought kept me up at night: What am I going to say when this kid grows up and asks me if God is real?

For the next few years, I researched everything I could about whether or not God was real. What I learned during that time forever changed my life and strengthened my faith. In this book, I’ll simplify and share what I found so you can confidently know the love of your Creator. Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or completely without faith in God, you’ll see evidence in this book that serves as the foundation for grounded faith in the loving God – the kind of confidence that can and will change your life.